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OpaxWeb offers the following blend of WEB APPLICATION SERVICES !!

Client Side Scripting

Client Side Scripting is the type of code that is executed or interpreted by browsers. JavaScript is the main client-side scripting language for the Web. Client-side scripts are interpreted by the browser. It is generally viewable by any visitor to a site (from the view menu click on "View Source" to view the source code.

Get Client-controlled or Client-generated Client-Side scripting

Some common Client Side Scripting technologies:

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • jQuery
  • MooTools
  • Dojo Toolkit

Server Side Scripting

Server Side Scripting is the type of code that is executed by the web server. It allow user to access the website from their login's and use data from attached database. It allows a level of privacy, personalisation and provision of information that is very powerful. E-commerce, MMORPGs and social networking sites all rely heavily on server-side scripting.

Get customized web development with our Server Side Scripting Service

Common Server Side Scripting technologies :

  • PHP
  • Zend Framework (PHP's Object Oriented Framework)
  • ASP (Microsoft Web Server (IIS) Scripting language)
  • ASP.NET (Microsoft's Web Application Framework)
  • ColdFusion
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Perl
  • Python

why : Prestashop?

Customer Oriented Service

OpaxWeb committee to provide customer oriented service by giving full-cycle services covering every aspect of web application development and implementation.

Best R & D service

Our R&D center regularly researches, monitors, and blends new tools and frameworks into the development process along with the perfect development procedures to ensure that our clients utilize and leverage the most innovative technologies.

Quality Assurance

Our QA and testing processes are built in accordance with the internationally accepted QA standards and practices, supported with advanced testing tools to ensure the highest quality application delivery.

Best App Development Procedure

We ensure web development seamlessness, continuity, and transparency across the entire SDLC — enabling better control and visibility into the workflow

Timely Delivery

We are punctual and dedicated in the work we deliver. You will always get your products on the assigned deadline. So just give us your requirement and get the desired web application within your time frame.

Competitive Prices

We offer one of the most economical, cost effective and flexible services to suit your business needs. We have solution for all your needs and give you productive web application.

Maintenance & Support

OpaxWeb provides continuous support and maintenance for the applications delivered. We offer corrective, adaptive and scheduled maintenance and 2-nd and 3-d level support services.