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Payment Obligations, Renewals, and Cancellations

  1. Website Development Payment Conditions: A partial payment is required to start a new project. This is often 50% of the total amount for the designing phase. Well this percentage can varry according to the total amount. The remaining balance of project will be taken after designing, navigation and pages have been approved and built. After payment, OpaxWeb will still submit outstanding content AT NO CHARGE for 1 month and will provide free support for atleats 3 months after the project is completed.In the event that design and navigation changes are requested after they have been specifically approved by the client, these changes will be billable at our current regular hourly rate.

  2. Cancellation Of Project: Downpayment will not be refunded if the project is cancelled in the mid (like designing or development part has begun). OpaxWeb my elect at its sole discretion to offer a partial refund depending upon the circumstances.

  3. Stock Photography Payment : In case if client is not having photogarphs to be used in website then we used "Stock photography". We purchase images to be used on website on behalf of client which is billable at a minimum of approximate $5 to $10 per picture. This amount is separate from the amount quoted for website design and development. Some pictures are more expensive than $10, in which case we will solicit client approval and communicate the price before purchasing.

  4. Description of Ongoing Costs: There are 2 types of ongoing costs: domain registration and hosting.

    1. Domain name registration: This is annually recurring cost. Domain name registration gives you exclusive rights to a certain name, such as, so that you can use it for your web-based purposes. It's not necessary to register a domain through us, but we strongly PREFER that you do. Many services are not honest in the way they sell names and we spend a lot of time helping people re-secure rights to the name they thought they had already purchased. If you have registered your own name, make sure you have yourself as the Registrant and Administrative Contact with a current, easily accessible email address. This will help to ensure that your domain can be renewed or transferred should the need arise. Domain name registration fees are not refundable.

    2. Hosting: This is annually recurring cost. It allows you to put website on server connected to the web, which allows you to post a website for viewing through a browser. It's not necessary to register a domain through us, but we strongly PREFER that you do. Hosting comes with domain-based emails, bandwidth, storage space, database and security tools, and other features. Projects that involve custom programming must be hosted with OpaxWeb to ensure the programs that we write will work. If you want to host your site on another server this must be disclosed before we begin programming.

    3. Re-newal Hosting : We will automatically renew your hosting account under the same time and fee structure unless you give written notice to OpaxWeb fifteen (15) days before the renewal date that you do not wish to renew the account.

    4. Hosting Cancellation Payment: You have full right to cancel the hosting at any time. If you cancel before 30 days then you have to contact our support team to know the criteria for the same. But if you cancel after 30 days, you will be obligated to pay all fees and charges accrued prior to the effective date of the cancellation.All cancellations must be received in writing according to the deadlines indicated: regular mail and e-mail are acceptable. Phone requests will not constitute acceptance of any cancellation.

    5. Hosting Transfer Payment Obligations: If you wish to transfer your hosting to another provider OpaxWeb can, upon request, download your site onto a CD and mail it to you. The cost for this service $50 per copy. FTP access to your site is not available for transfer purposes.

  5. Website Maintenance: We don't charge extra to our client's. It's often that people want to do some changes to their website with the time and for the same we do have several packages. Even we make the same easy for you to change few part of website on your own by implementing a custom Content Management System, or installing a blog. Apart from this if any other change required by our side the we charge on an hourly basis. If you need the same maintenance for regular occurrence, then we can offer you plans for the same.

Development Process

  1. Homepage Design Analysing the client's requirement we prepare the HOMEPAGE design, once it is approved we will implement the same. If client need any changes to a design they have approved, those changes are billable at our standard hourly rate.

  2. Navigation Site final navigation will be implemented only after it is approved by client.Once we build this structure per client approval, any subsequent changes are billable at our standard hourly rate.

  3. ContentContent will be provided by client, but if they are not having we can offer the same as we have content writers who will provide SEO rich content for the same.

  4. Database Implementation Entry of data for database is done by client's side. Entry of data by OpaxWeb is billable.

  5. Email - We offer free domain-based email accounts to our clients as part of any hosting contract. If site is not hosted by OpaxWeb, we take no responsibility for setting up and troubleshooting email problems.

  6. Training We offer training session to client’s to understand the admin panel system.

  7. Technical Support - We are known for providing best technical support. If you are having any issues just let us know the same and will be come up with the best possible and quick solution for the same. Depending upon the issues the technical support may be billable.

Domain Transfers and DNS Management

For domains not originally registered with OpaxWeb, there will be a considerable fee to either transfer to the domain into our registration platform, or to transfer-out to another registrar. If your domain is not registered with OpaxWeb, DNS management and troubleshooting tasks are billable at our hourly rate.

Websites with Proprietary Source Code

Client should let us know prior if they want custom code for a website application and we assure that the code will not be transferred to new developer. Custom written source code is considered the property of OpaxWeb Web Development and cannot be shared with other developers.

Non-Domain-Based Troubleshooting

OpaxWeb Web Development maintains and troubleshoots the websites we develop for our clients, as well as any domain-based email accounts of those websites. We do NOT assume responsibility for upkeep or provide non-billable troubleshooting on our clients' ISPs (Internet Service Providers), ISP-based email accounts (,, etc), your home or office internet connections, or any other non-domain-based issues outside OpaxWeb Web Development's realm of service. Provision of non-domain-based troubleshooting services will be billable at our normal hourly rate.

Contacting us

  • If you have any questions about this Terms and Conditions , the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at: OpaxWeb Pvt. Ltd