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Steps to follow when your online marketing fails

Online marketing is the best way to get the business and enhance the ROI of the site. As it helps to introduce your product or service to a new set of audience in an effective manner. It improves online presence and brand engagement. And most importantly, multiply sales and business leads. Mostly brands invest on online marketing for many advantages & to multiple their sales & business leads. But sometimes online marketing does not show out the results, so in that case no need to panic just "Stop Your Online Marketing Campaign & Start Website Analysis Instead.”

Sometimes we blame marketing strategies and guy that they are doing there job well. The issue however is something else. The problem lies in the website and many other factors associated with it.  Few of them are listed below -:

Poor UX of website can drive away visitors -:  If your website does not have good UX then it’s waste to spend much money on online marketing  as it will never perform as per expectation. If your website will take too long to load because of all the videos and images that you used will irritate your customer and they will leave it without giving you any sale. All such points make the website rank low in user experience and make people leave rather than purchase.

# Bad conversion funnel leads to low sales -:  Website with bad conversion funnel can not be save anyhow and will never see good hike in sales. Well funnel leads basically is the path through which sales happens.  If there are issues in the funnel that are stopping potential buyers from becoming actual buyers, then, no amount of marketing investment can make any difference.

For instance, if you will make people fill a lengthy form to buy a product, then, there is a fair chance many would leave without completing the process. Out-of-stock issues after completing the whole process also infuriates buyers. So, a website with such glaring conversion issues cannot generate maximum ROI from online marketing efforts.

Poor site design means poor brand building -:As it’s very famous saying that First Impression Is Last Impression so if you have poor website design then it’s obvious  you are building poor brand image then having great online marketing is useless in this case also. A bad website design  does more damage than having no website at all. It also sends out the wrong message about your brand.

#  Site with poor SEO optimization leads to poor performance on search engines-:  Site with engaging text and quality images please. But’s not enough from Google point of view. The actual sales increases when your site if fully OPTIMIZED as per latest SEO norms.  Call to action and landing page issues on website can also affect your marketing strategies  

So before investing on online marketing just make sure that you have done the following checklist done -:

      • Site not taking much time to load
      • Good SEO Optimization
      • It generated maximum online leads
      • Having call to action button
      • Optimized Landing page

It’s quite simple and anyone can optimize the site if they have knowledge about the same. But still if you find it tough then we can you with this.

Just share your website link with us and our team of website analysts will tell you what’s wrong with it. In case you have any other query about starting or marketing a business, then just let us know the same.


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