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Easy Ways To Improve Your Business Website… Fast!!

Hi all... I’m hitting the accelerator with 5 easy changes which will improve your website ROI.

They’re fast.
They’re easy.
And your web master should be able to make them for very low investment.

So Let start ...


#1:Underline your links .....

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, far too often we see websites where links get lost because they aren’t underlined or they’re too light of a color.

If your website visitors have to think about how to navigate through your website, you’re losing opportunities.So: Underline or bold or darken your links. Create buttons that pop. Make sure that everything on your site that’s clickable is obviously clickable.


#2: Tell your visitors what you want them to do.

When people visit your website, you would like them to take an action : Request a quote, Become buyers, Subscribe to your newsletter, Check out an important page.

Even though it appears obvious what you would like them to do, make sure to inform them.

Go through each website page in your site and recognize which of them are “dead ends”—pages that don’t incorporate a clear call to action. Include text or buttons that emphasize what you’d like people to do next, specifically at the end of each page.

Reimbursement! In case you include a reason as to why people ought to take action, it’s proven you’ll increase the likelihood they’ll actually take that action.


#3: Make your landing page speak your services

This is mainly essential if your company name isn’t overly descriptive. If people arrive on your website and they haven’t heard of your business before, briefly describe what you do. This can be done through your tagline. Or your main headline . And even a brief description in the upper right corner of your page .

If people land on your site and they aren’t instantly clear on what you have to offer or how you can help them, they’ll leave for another business . You only have a few seconds to engage visitors. Make the best of those few seconds !

#4: Clearly describe your geographic reach.

Clearly sharing your geographic reach can make a positive impact on your search rankings, particularly if you depend on local search results for web traffic. But even more important, if you have website visitors who are researching their options, you’re making it very easy for them to know whether you’re a good geographic match.


#5: Make it very easy for people to contact your business.

Always make it easy for your visitors to reach you -:

      • Include your phone number in the upper portion of all pages in your site.
      • Make the link to your “Contact” page a clear element in your top navigation.
      • Add your phone number, email address and/or physical address to your footer.
      • Incorporate a simple contact form. (Want an easy online form builder?
      • Make your email address clickable and large enough to see


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