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Laravel, the PHP Framework With the Most Robust Features

"Laravel" new name emerging among PHP frameworks and id any developer is asked to evaluate all the frameworks and compare each then on the basis of code & features it can be easily deduced that Laravel the PHP framework is the best among all.

No doubt it has been launched for quite a while, but with in short span of time it actually kicked off with its third version. In the beginning this framework was inspired by CodeIgniter but as time passed and Laravel matured, this has been the PHP framework which is quite unique in its approach now.
Wikipedia defined it in very simple manner i.e "Laravel is a free, open source PHP web application framework, designed for the development of model–view–controller (MVC) web applications. Laravel is released under the MIT License, with its source code hosted on GitHub." Retreived from ""

The feature that make Laravel stand ahead other PHP frameworks is it's folder structure logically segregates codes. This way it becomes quite easier for the developer to use it for a big project.
Apart from it has a modular structure and is compatible with guest libraries. It also has a seemingly simpler code with less subtle syntax and logics but what's turning Laravel into the best PHP framework is that its support for bundles and modules makes it adhere with other codes also.

And the best is the size of the code as it doesn't come with never ending lines of code.That prevents (of course if you are using Laravel) initiation of unnecessary processing cycles as well as consumption of memory into your monthly hosting bill. This is precisely where Laravel leaves behind the PHP framework, ZEND.
Laravel additionally supersedes FuelPHP since it is more suitable to PSR-2. Moreover it accepts Composer system in addition to third party elements. This really is some thing wherein FuelPHP still lags behind.

It is recognized to every developer that frameworks are a gateway to creation of programs which are quicker than the rest, safer to operate and far more efficient to work. Consequently it will require enormous awareness concerning what PHP framework to use during web development in order to make it a success.

All these restrictions prompt developers to pick Laravel the PHP framework which is most efficient and simple to operate. Laravel is elegant, effortless, has an exquisite community and a handsome number of extensions. Laravel remains quite young when compared with CodeIgniter or any other conventional PHP framework but the best part about it is that it is much promising and it won't be a matter of time that Laravel will be unanimously announced by developers as the best PHP framework.

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