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Rules to Effective Android Application Development

With the speedy progression of Android, you should deem efficiency of the application. The most excellent performing practical application is achievable only when it works error free. To be sure that Android developers have the ability to verify their application before starting it, Android SDK also consists of number of tools for debugging the expression class, which can simply identify performance difficulties in Android applications.

Android applications are for laptop computers and mobile devices like smartphones, which come with their restrictions related to loading as well as storage, demanding that Android practical application developers develop programs that focus on trustworthiness and success. One of the most popular measures of performance of the applying Android is the electric battery life, if your web-based application is not have as much authority, battery life of the Android os mobile can shorten easily.It's best to optimize your application for better battery life.


Listed below are 9 simple rules to valuable Android application development, accompanied by Android developers during the method to enhance the performance of their applications :

      • First rule base for optimizing the overall performance of your application for Android, is to just prevent other things that are not required for your application. Many fresher Android developers often neglect these things associated with the application and so end up with an application which is not all that good.
      • You should not create something simply because you need to create something in fact try to create some thing meaningful. When Android application development is done just for the sake of it then the application is disastrous and will not be able to impress its users.
      • Avoid virtual method calls whenever possible, when using C / C ++, it's a good idea to make use of getter or perhaps setter strategies as opposed to straight accessing the aspects to use ; as this can impose some constraints on application's accessibility. But with Android, it is certainly not best to call virtual methods within the class. You should always use the virtual method calls to the public rather than the class.
      • Reduce your own layout complexity and keep it convenient. This is the best idea to stick to to make sure that your Android application development venture is a success.
      • I prefer to opt for integer rather than swimming ! No difference between integers as well as floating with regards to pace, yet floating have two times more space than integer. Hence try to avoid floating method, instead go for the further option.
      • While creating it is better to use evaluation Relative Layout or Grid Layout so as to create a simple design which is also very easy to understand. It will definitely help in raising the performance of your application in Android.
      • Try to develop an index of the database to optimize inquiries for your application.
      • Always use a precompiled SQL statement or careers that are often used.
      • Attempt the native methods if they are necessary

So we see a number of important recommendations or recommendations included in this article to help Android application developer in their Android practical application development task so as to create optimized applications

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