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Server Management

Plan Details

This plan is designed to cover every aspect of your server and delivers a complete all-inclusive server management service. We deliver an enterprise level service to businesses both large and small.

Expert Analysis and Configuration

Our team follows best practice principles to expertly configure and secure your server. This is a critical step in ensuring success.

We Provide
  • Best Practice Analysis and Configuration
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization
  • Security Analysis and Hardening

Most providers deploy automated, non-optimized, non-secured, generic OS server images. We do things differently. A Server Intellect server technician will manually configure and optimize each server.

How It Works

100% Server Management

We will handle as much, or as little as you need us to handle. From websites, databases, and e-mail Servers, to migrations and even Active Directory, our team will handle it all. We also provide something you won’t see often – true Proactive Server Management. This means we attempt to discover problems, and correct them before they are able to impact your business. The ServiceFirst Support Team will be the eyes, ears, and hands for your remote infrastructure.

We’re Different from Other “Managed” Providers

The truth is, even the most popular “Managed Providers” leave the day-to-day server administration to the customer. This is not a managed solution and can leave you suffering from downtime and compromised servers caused by simple mistakes or misunderstandings about the complex configuration of a server. Take a moment to Compare Us to other providers to understand the Server Intellect difference.

Server Management Benefits

Why wouldn’t you want a friendly, trained, and certified team to take this burden off your shoulders so you can focus on revenue generating activities? However, if you are a trained and certified Systems Administrator, and you truly want take on the full burden and stress that comes with being responsible for all aspects of a server, then maybe not. But ask yourself this: do you really want to be the one up at 4:00 AM installing service packs?